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On-site Restoration and Commercial Wood Restoration

The permanent furniture of your business is most likely to receive the most abuse and can become impossible to clean yourself. This gives your clients or customers a perception that you are unorganized or run down. Our on site restoration team specializes in the restoration of any wall material wood paneling.  We can restore your walls and furniture to represent the cleanliness and professional atmosphere you desire for your business with little to no interruption to the everyday routine. With over 20 years of experience our craftsmen can blend and match the original finish of your wood décor to make your business look as clean and fresh as it was the day you opened the doors.

The nicks, pen marks, water stains and cracks are erased with our on site team. Within a few short days, your furniture will look good as new.

  • Elevator Wall Panels
  • Commercial Wood
  • Permanent Bars and Benches
  • Conference Tables
  • Church Pews and Cathedral Walls

With Karzen furniture restoration company, It is business as usual!

We will work with you to schedule a time of low traffic to meet your needs. As your furniture restoration company, we want to repair, restore and refinish your establishments to create a fresh professional look and make your convenience our priority. Our commercial restoration and upholstery can lighten up your hotel lobby, office hallways, reception area, etc. Almost all of our commercial wood restoration services are provided right on site.

Expert On-Site Restoration

 Our expert on-site restoration technicians works diligently to restore your commercial wood and furniture. restore on site and You will see years of wear and tear and dirt fade away right before your eyes. Metal Wood materials used in restaurant bars and molding are included as the total restoration of your furniture. No detail of your furniture will go unseen to your clients so why should it go overlooked by us? At Karzen, the quality is in the details. From color match refinishing, repairs and upholstery fabric, we do it all right on site.


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