Decorative Wall Panel Restoration and Refinishing


Wood panels give your office a professional, executive look and feel.

Unfortunately, over time, wear and tear deplete the refreshing look of your office. Karzen’s on site restoration team is equipped with odor and dust free materials that are safe for the environment and your clients. Scheduled during low traffic times and to meet the needs of your business, Karzen works around your schedule to refinish your decorative wall panel.

North Shore Color Match for Wood Panels

Color match is a huge part of the total appearance of your decorative wall panel. Wood panels, like any other solid wood surface can have such a variety in color. Karzen has the ability to color match any finish and restore your wood panels to the original finish it had the day you opened the doors. Wood panels that fade due to sunlight or constant abuse can be brought back to original finish.With over 20 years as a furniture refinisher, the artistic ability to color match comes naturally. You will be in awe of the finished product.

Chicago Area Furniture Repairs for Wood Panels

Nicks and scratches dull the appearance of wood panels, casting a dark cloud over your facility and it no longer carries the same ambiance of a prospering business. With our experience in furniture repairs that will amaze you, watch as the scrapes and even large gashes disappear. If you have a decorative wall panel that has become an eyesore, don’t hesitate to call your furniture refinisher….Karzen Restoration and Refinishing. We have the experience to back it up!


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