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Alan's Beginnings in a Family of Furniture Refinishers and Furniture Restoration Experts

In 1937, Louis Karzen, the son of Russian From the time Alan Karzen was a child, he started going to work with his father at the Atlas Refinishing Service Company on Chicago's westside.

Alan watched the craftsmen and learned the value of hand-workmanship and fine attention to detail. He quickly embraced an appreciation for the old-world talent required to restore fine furniture by reclaiming its former value and never allowing chemical shortcuts to restore furniture. He saw furniture restorations as a work of art and enjoyed every opportunity to create a masterpiece.

In 1971, Alan made the decision to join his father in the family-owned and operated business. Alan's goal was to "save and restore" each piece of furniture he could as well as continue the tradition of his father's company. As a result, he encouraged people to preserve their valued antique or treasured heirloom.

Karzen Restoration Services Inc. - Our History

The birth of an antique refinishing company

In 1937, Louis Karzen, the son of Russian immigrants who lived through the Great Depression and believed in The American Dream, founded the Atlas Piano Co. At first, he concentrated on buying and selling reconditioned used pianos. He sold these pianos to dealers as well as directly to consumers after tuning, restring and rebuilding them.

In time, Karzen decided to expand his business and changed the name of the company to the Atlas Refinishing Service Company. A furniture restoration business and antique furniture refinishing company was born. He believed that a family-owned and operated business offering the finest in old world refinishing techniques for treasured heirlooms and valuable antique furniture at reasonable prices would appeal to Chicagoans. He also offered upholstery repair. With all the history of Chicago, the people of such a town carry just as much history in their home from generation to generation. This meant that the people needed a family owned business that understood and cherished the memories associated with heirlooms. They needed an antique furniture refinishing company that could care for and restore their furniture, unlike most furniture repair shops.

Louis Karzen caught the attention of major insurance companies who used the company's services for their customers' refinishing and furniture restoration needs. Because he maintained the integrity of each piece of furniture through hand stripping and the hand application of each customized finish, his reputation grew.

His son, Alan, joined the business and ran it after his father retired. In 2004, he sold the business to pursue other interests. Unable to stay away from a business that is "in his blood," he has opened Alan Karzen Restoration to renew your furniture and bring it back to life. To Alan, furniture restoration is a passion as much as it is a remarkable skill.


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