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On-site Restaurant & Bar Furniture Restoration

From refinishing hardwood bar furniture, bar stands and bar countertop to restoring dining room bar furniture from constant abuse. Karzen has over 20 years of experience in franchise furniture repair. Even the most detailed dining room bar furniture is in good hands with Karzen.

Karzen will make all your wear and tear disappear! Say Goodbye to:

  • Water Stains
  • Nicks
  • Scratches
  • Scuffs
  • Grease and Oil Stains
  • Splitting of Wood
  • Leather or Fabric Splits and Tears

Restaurant Franchise Furniture Repair and Service Restoration

Our professional technicians are skilled in restaurant restoration and can bring back even the worst smoke oil residue damage, common to the restaurant business. Oil and grease stains give your guests the perception of an unclean environment. All the grease build up makes it virtually impossible to wipe clean. All the dirt and residue of your restaurant can be restored completely. Our craftsmen can blend and match the original finish of your wood décor to make your business look as clean and fresh as it was the day you opened the doors. Our on site team uses only odor and dust free materials making it safe for the restoration of furniture and the environment and does not pose a threat to the food safety guidelines of your restaurant.

Dining Room Bar Furniture Refinishing and Repair

When considering furniture repair wood restoration, consider the experience of Karzen’s family owned business. Our team can restore your bar furniture and its entirety. No surface goes untouched by Karzen’s craftsmen. Marble, granite or any finishing stone can be restored like new with our skilled artisans. Refinishing hardwood bar furniture is a delicate process only to be done by hand and you can count on Karzen to handle the details including metal restoration of brass or molding.


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