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Karzen’s Custom Sofa Design and Furniture Repair Upholstery

This family owned furniture upholstery store has been in the business of transformation for over 20 years. Taking a threadbare, faded and tattered couch or chair and rebuilding a masterpiece from the frame up.This innate custom upholstery talent passed from generation to generation has produced many miracle works in sofa upholstery repair.

Karzen’s custom sofa design is nothing short of stunning. Sofa upholstery repair projects can require that it be completely rebuilt down to its frame. Hand carved finishes brought back to their original look and eight way hand tied coils and padding redesigned to replicate the original comfort and feel of the sofa. Karzen gets down to brass tacks with each work of art. Instead of relinquishing monies on a brand new set of living room furniture and discarding your long time favorite furniture, call Karzen today for your custom upholstery project and bring it back to life! Our furniture upholstery store carries a plethora of different fabrics for your custom sofa design, creating a rare, exclusive piece of furniture that you can’t find in any furniture store!

Leather Furniture Repair Precisely Done!

Leather, considered to be a skin contrary to fabric, requires experienced hands. Karzen’s leather furniture repair will stun you! Leather can be a challenging material, unlike the free shifting fabric materials. Leather materials carry a sense of class and elegance and your leather furniture repair should depict supremacy. With Karzen, you will get the most delicate and experienced hands to handle the finest of materials for your leather furniture repair project.


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