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Refresh Your Dining Room Kitchen Furniture With Karzen

With only upholstery furniture frames to go by, we can rebuild your dining room upholstery from the inside out. Our work is custom made to your needs and you are a part of the process from start to finish. You can pick the fabric that fits with your overall home interior design and the amount of cushion or padding for your comfort needs.

Give your dining room or kitchen furniture a totally new look by changing the upholstery. If you have had a change in taste and no longer get enjoyment out of the patterns you chose years ago, don’t waste money replacing your entire dining set with expensive new furniture. Karzen Restoration can help you change the entire look of your current dining room kitchen furniture.

Dining room and kitchen furniture upholstery get the brunt of wear and tear in a family’s home, aside from the couch! With staining from food or indentation from constant use, our dining room furniture struggles to keep the pristine coloring of the issued fabric and the support it first gave before memory left its print in the coils.

When It Comes to Dining Room Kitchen Furniture, Karzen Does It All!

As you can see visiting our gallery of photos, we don’t simply cover up your old furniture to look better...we completely restore it! It will look AND feel like it did the day you bought it or even better! Our refinishing services are also available if you are in need of a completely new upholstery furniture frame.


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