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Refinishing your solid wood furniture is a project taking very seriously with Karzen's

Refinishing your solid wood furniture is a project taking very seriously with Karzen. All Karzen’s refinishing experts have a passion for what they do and consider every piece of furniture to be a signature of individual work and pride. Every detail of your home furnitures solid wood structure will be handled skillfully. You will be amazed at the outcome of each piece of furniture.

Our On Site team can refinish your solid wood kitchen cabinets entirely, giving you a completely new look to your desired tones. Just like any other form of art, most artists get fulfillment knowing that others see value and appreciate their work and display it in their home. Our staff of skilled craftsmen have a passion and understanding of solid wood furniture and want to create a work of art you will put on display for all to see. At Karzen, we consider our work to be more of an advertisement of our expertise than a business card. Take a look at our gallery of before and after photos revealing the beauty of solid wood furniture.

Hand Crafted Solid Wood Furniture Refinishing

  • Bedroom Sets
  • Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture
  • Dressers
  • Hutches
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Buffets
  • China Cabinets
  • Trunks
  • Armoires

All of our furniture refinishing services are done by hand and every detail is accounted for. As a family owned business who strives for perfection, the hard way is the only way to handle home furnitures refinishing projects. With us, there are no short cuts to the refinishing process. Our hand crafted style using simple tools, allows for perfection.

Your Home Furnitures Refinishing Doctor!

Our refinishing strategy starts first by making any repairs needed. Your home furnitures repair could be as simple as splitting or as complex as broken doors and hinges. We begin our renewal process by doctoring up even the most difficult repairs. Once we have a fully functioning piece of furniture, we begin our hand crafted talents to meet your desired finish. Our amazing gallery of choices for finishes, it can be a bit overwhelming. We can help you better decided and after making your top choices, we can get samples to you to take home and match with your home furnitures current tones. You are a part of the entire process and choice making with Karzen!


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