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Karzen Restoration Started with Pianos!

You couldn’t possibly mention Karzen Restoration without considering Pianos. Alan’s father first started the family owned business back in 1937. Before Karzen Restoration was the craftsmen of all furniture refinishing and restoration, Karzen was Atlas Piano Company.

They specialize specifically in the rebuilding and restoration of antique pianos. Buying and reselling used pianos was the initial spark for the furniture restoration company it has become today. Listing of services would not be complete without mentioning the foundation for this thriving family owned business. Piano Refinishing being the ABC’s of Karzen Restoration, you can expect nothing less than complete satisfaction for your piano refinishing and restoration needs!

Bring Your Piano Back to Life!

With our decades of experience with antique pianos, we have the ability to bring your dull piano back to its original finish and the beautiful piece of furniture it was intended to be. We can help you match your piano to your home and make any repairs necessary. Since Karzen started with piano refinishing and repairs, you can count on quality workmanship and detailed for accuracy.


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